ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft packages

If you are from the field of online businesses than you must have heard or been very knowledgeable about automated marketing software like ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft. It is also possible that you may be subscribed to anyone of it or its type. In this article, we are going to compare the two software based on their charges.


It has two types of plans. The first one is the basic plan and the second one is the Advanced plan.

Basic Plan – the cost of the basic plan is $97 per month and it gives you free 14 days free trial is starting.

Advanced Plan – its cost is $297 per month and it also gives you 14 days free trial. It includes all the features available in the basic plan and provides you some extra tools that include a visual email builder, email list manages, track click and opens, broadcast emailing option, no limit of affiliate plans as well as commission plans, and many more.


On comparing Keap (Infusionsoft) with ClickFunnels it is more expensive but has a lot of pricing options. Its package includes –

Essential pack –  the basic automation at least costs for $199 per month

Deluxe Sales Pack – it is for those who are looking for a more advanced CRM and the charges of this package is $299 per month.

Deluxe Ecommerce Pack – this package option is made for the online stores and sales team. The charges of this package are the same as the Deluxe Sales Package which is $299 per month.

Complete Pack – it is a complete pack for the sales team and the business which have an online store with some extra features. The charges of this is $379 per month.

Team Pack – this contains all the above things including the eCommerce, sales and marketing automation, and the CRM options. And it is just for $ 599.

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Best Alternatives of LeadPages

One of the best websites of landing pages is LeadPages which contains a lot of templates that you can use to build your page and give it the best look. But only LeadPages is not the website from where you can build the landing pages there are many alternatives such as Thrive Themes, ClickFunnels, Instapage, Landingi, Unbounce, Kyvio, and many more. In this, we are going to discuss two of them.

Thrive Theme (the cheapest option)

The product of Thrive Theme is far more-better than LeadPages if we compare the prices. Thrive Themes come as the WordPress plugins, you just have to install it on the site of WordPress and set it up and you will be ready to use. The starting price of it is $19 per month. These are some feature of Thrive Theme –

  1. Lightboxes
  2. Screen fillers
  3. Scroll mat
  4. Slide-in
  5. Widget
  6. Ribbon
  7. Digital asset delivery
  8. Sign up segue – it is the function of the one-click webinar or a type of any registration for the subscribers (similar to leadlinks in LeadPages).
  9. ThriveBoxes – Similar to LeadPages
  10. AB/ Testing the different variations in the sign-up forms.


ClickFunnels is also one of the most popular building software. it is most lovable among the people because of its simplicity and very rich features. The starting price of ClickFunnels is from $97 per month and also has the plan of $297 pro plan because it includes the email marketing solution. Feature of ClickFunnels is –

  1. A landing page builder is known as funnel creation
  2. A/B split testing
  3. Site of membership
  4. Email integration with all the major marketing software of email.
  5. Payment gateway integration.
  6. Setting up of affiliate program to promote the products.

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