ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft packages

If you are from the field of online businesses than you must have heard or been very knowledgeable about automated marketing software like ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft. It is also possible that you may be subscribed to anyone of it or its type. In this article, we are going to compare the two software based on their charges.


It has two types of plans. The first one is the basic plan and the second one is the Advanced plan.

Basic Plan – the cost of the basic plan is $97 per month and it gives you free 14 days free trial is starting.

Advanced Plan – its cost is $297 per month and it also gives you 14 days free trial. It includes all the features available in the basic plan and provides you some extra tools that include a visual email builder, email list manages, track click and opens, broadcast emailing option, no limit of affiliate plans as well as commission plans, and many more.


On comparing Keap (Infusionsoft) with ClickFunnels it is more expensive but has a lot of pricing options. Its package includes –

Essential pack –  the basic automation at least costs for $199 per month

Deluxe Sales Pack – it is for those who are looking for a more advanced CRM and the charges of this package is $299 per month.

Deluxe Ecommerce Pack – this package option is made for the online stores and sales team. The charges of this package are the same as the Deluxe Sales Package which is $299 per month.

Complete Pack – it is a complete pack for the sales team and the business which have an online store with some extra features. The charges of this is $379 per month.

Team Pack – this contains all the above things including the eCommerce, sales and marketing automation, and the CRM options. And it is just for $ 599.

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Best Alternatives of LeadPages

One of the best websites of landing pages is LeadPages which contains a lot of templates that you can use to build your page and give it the best look. But only LeadPages is not the website from where you can build the landing pages there are many alternatives such as Thrive Themes, ClickFunnels, Instapage, Landingi, Unbounce, Kyvio, and many more. In this, we are going to discuss two of them.

Thrive Theme (the cheapest option)

The product of Thrive Theme is far more-better than LeadPages if we compare the prices. Thrive Themes come as the WordPress plugins, you just have to install it on the site of WordPress and set it up and you will be ready to use. The starting price of it is $19 per month. These are some feature of Thrive Theme –

  1. Lightboxes
  2. Screen fillers
  3. Scroll mat
  4. Slide-in
  5. Widget
  6. Ribbon
  7. Digital asset delivery
  8. Sign up segue – it is the function of the one-click webinar or a type of any registration for the subscribers (similar to leadlinks in LeadPages).
  9. ThriveBoxes – Similar to LeadPages
  10. AB/ Testing the different variations in the sign-up forms.


ClickFunnels is also one of the most popular building software. it is most lovable among the people because of its simplicity and very rich features. The starting price of ClickFunnels is from $97 per month and also has the plan of $297 pro plan because it includes the email marketing solution. Feature of ClickFunnels is –

  1. A landing page builder is known as funnel creation
  2. A/B split testing
  3. Site of membership
  4. Email integration with all the major marketing software of email.
  5. Payment gateway integration.
  6. Setting up of affiliate program to promote the products.

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The Best 3 Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks

Playing the game of lacrosse generally requires the use of a lot of protective gear along with the sticks. The player has to carry these items from their homes to the sports ground and back again to home after the end of the game.

These items are very heavy and are of various shapes and sizes, which make them very difficult to carry from one place to another.

So, one needs a proper solution for this. As the popularity of the game has been increased the demand for the quality lacrosse bags and bag packs has also increased.

Here are some of the best lacrosse bag and bagpacks that one can easily purchase

#1. STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Bag

It is a lacrosse bag suitable for the boys; it has a separate pocket for the lacrosse stick. It is huge in size and has various options that one can select from. It has plenty of pockets which are very spacious.

#2. STX Essential Women’s Stick Bag

This bag is perfect for girls. It has plenty of space for other gear like google, mouth guards, balls. As well as the lacrosse sticks. It is made up of very durable material, and the zipper is also well built.

#3. STX Lacrosse Side Winder Backpack

This is a bisexual as both boys and girls can use it. It has plenty of room that can fit all the lacrosse gear including the helmet.


As the game of lacrosse involves the various small protective gear so it becomes necessary to keep all this in one place as these can be reached quickly and in no time.

Otherwise, one has to waste a lot of time searching for them. So, the best choice to have a unique bag and backpack for your lacrosse items.

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Best Lacrosse Gloves Available

Lacrosse is an aggressive game that’s why you need to protect each and every part of your body including your hands, that’s why we are here with the list of best lacrosse gloves.

#1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

It is a lightweight and comfort prone lacrosse glove. It features TruVents to make this glove ventilated so that you won’t feel any sort of discomfort, sweat or heat.

It won’t slip off your hand as it provides textured Nash Palm which makes your gloves stick to your hand.

It provides you extra protection while cuffing ground balls and face-offs as it features floating cuffs around the wrist.

It is available in two different sizes and 7 different colors on Amazon at a very convenient price.

#2. STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Gloves

It is designed to suit every position attacker, Face-off, defenseman midfielder, etc. It is more suitable for beginners.

It is lightweight and highly breathable so that the player won’t feel any sort of discomfort. It provides optimum grip so that it won’t slip off your hand.

It has a robust polyester shell which makes it highly durable and protective.  

You can get it from Amazon in five different sizes 

and two colors white and black.

#3. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Glove

Maverik M4 is a goalie glove. It is equipped with FLOWCOOL venting technology so that the player won’t feel any sort of discomfort due to sweat and heat. 

It is equipped with SHARKGEL in the thumb area to provide perfect mobility send motility.

It is constructed with classic-fit, it has extra volume in fingers in the backside of hand to provide optimum protection and comfort.

It is available on Amazon in 3 different sizes with zero color options at a very convenient price.

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Top 3 Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever

A goalie is a crucial player in the lacrosse as they help a team.

The position of goalie requires to wear some of the extraordinary protective gear that provides them protection from the fast-moving lacrosse ball.

For a person to be a goalie, he has to be tough both physically and mentally, but still, the gear plays an essential role in their protection. So, it is necessary to select an appropriate and right goalie gear.

While buying these gear one should always keep in mind that protective gear for men is very different from the women. So it seems to be an essential point to be considered before purchase.

Here are some of the best Goalie gear that you can buy online

#1. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Gloves

These are the perfect gloves that a goalie can have while wearing these gloves it feels like you are still using your hands which provides more flexibility and at the same time excellent protection. It helps a goalie to have better control over the stick.

#2. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 unstrung Goalie Head

This is an excellent product by a great company one can say it is merely the best available goalie head in the market. If you are a goalie and looking for a good goalie head then you should go with this product.

#3. STX Shield 500 Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

This is again a great product by STX it is very light weighted but at the same time very protective though it is light weighted it does not restrict the movement of goalie which is very essential for saving the goal.


The best goalie gear varies from person to person as priorities changes for some flexibility and few stiffnesses can be the top priority.

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Helmet Visor for Lacrosse

Lacrosse Visor can save a player from finger pocking and also it can protect the eyes from any dust or other particle that is suspended in the air that may come in contact with the eyes of the players and obstructs their vision.

These are essential during the men version of the game as for the female version the physical contact is not permissible as per rules.

Some of the best visors that can be purchase from are

#1.Elite Tek Clear Vision Visor

This clear visor has been approved by NFHS for all types of youth and college games. This has also been used for NFL games also. It has a very clear vision and quite durable.

To install this visor into your helmet you will require the following items screw drivers (Philips’s head), brackets with corresponding nuts and screws.

#2. SHOC Lacrosse Helmet Visor

SHOC visor is manufactured by an Australian company SHRC. These visors have been specially developed for lacrosse Helmet. It is very economical and has a large variety of color tints. It helps you to protect your eyes as well as your nose that is more likely to get damaged during the game.

#3. Unique sports clear view lacrosse helmet Eyeshield

This is a perfect gift for any lacrosse lovers. This visor comes with a transparent color, which improves the vision of the player during the game.

They have the exceptional built quality and are very durable they can be used by players of any age group.


Installing a Visor in the helmet can be a challenging job so it is always recommended to get visor clip as this reduces the workload and installing and removing the visor during the game becomes quite easy.

These clips can be used with the visor of other brands. The installation of the visor in the helmet is customizable.

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Best Lacrosse Cleats to Buy

The lacrosse cleats are essential gear and should be appropriately selected as the right pair of shoes can provide you excellent mobility which can improve your game, and at the same time, it should be so designed that it should be fashionable.

These are different from those used in soccer and basketball.

One should always select the proper and budget-friendly cleats. There are some basic questions that one should try to find the answer before purchasing them like what size fits you the most?

What kind of cleats do you need? What are the different types of fields you are playing? And the most important of your budget.

Considering this question here is the list of some of the best available cleats on Amazon.

#1. New Balance Men’s Freeze V1 Lacrosse Cleats

Although they are a bit costly, they are one of the best options available on Amazon. These give you an unbelievable grip on the ground and helps you to make sharp cuts which will boost your confidence and will boost your game.

#2. Under Armour Men’s Highlight M.C Lacrosse Shoe

These shoes are suitable for people of different age groups. Their looks are beneficial and are quite durable and fit comfortably. Girls lacrosse players can also use these.

#3. New Balance Freeze Lacrosse Shoes

These are great shoes, and true to size fit they are very comfortable to wear and provide excellent stability which is essential for an Attacker or a Midfielder.


Even if you have just begun to play lacrosse, you cannot skip having great and comfortable cleats for yourself as these are as essential as a stick or other protective gear.

One thing that can be kept in mind is the products which have huge price does not always mean that they are durable.

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Best Lacrosse Heads Available

Whichever position you play you do need a different lacrosse head to improve your performance here is a list of lacrosse heads you can buy in 2020.

Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

It is designed to provide optimum comfort and performance to the players.

It features tilt- tech string hole design to improve pocket’s tension which lets you pass perfect shots.

It comes unstrung which can be a drawback or an advantage, depends on you.

It features bottom rail design which provides mid-low pocket sofa set control on ball and release.

It is lightweight 5.6 Ounces and durable as its features in rail design which eliminates excess weight and provides stiffness.

It provides lacrosse shaft for every position. You can get it from Amazon it is available in 6 colors.

String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Head and Shaft 

It is designed for beginners aged group 10 to 14 years old. As it is designed for kids, you don’t need to do a lot of changes.

It comes with all necessary adjustments so that you can use it directly after unpacking it.

It is lightweight 1.3 Pound and durable that is why it is suitable for the kids it is specially designed to provide optimum performance.

You can get it from Amazon in two color options, you can choose between silver and white.

STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-off Lacrosse Head

It is specially designed for face-off players. 

Its revolutionary throat plug allows the player to pass perfect shots. 

It is equipped with special flex zones so that it can withstand high impacts without getting damaged.

It provides dual sidewall braces for extra stiffness in durability so that you can easily deal with the ground balls without having any severe damage to your lacrosse shaft.

It is extra stiff with maintaining its lightweight 5.6 ounces, it is available on Amazon in white color.

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