Top 3 Lacrosse Goalie Gear Ever

A goalie is a crucial player in the lacrosse as they help a team.

The position of goalie requires to wear some of the extraordinary protective gear that provides them protection from the fast-moving lacrosse ball.

For a person to be a goalie, he has to be tough both physically and mentally, but still, the gear plays an essential role in their protection. So, it is necessary to select an appropriate and right goalie gear.

While buying these gear one should always keep in mind that protective gear for men is very different from the women. So it seems to be an essential point to be considered before purchase.

Here are some of the best Goalie gear that you can buy online

#1. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Gloves

These are the perfect gloves that a goalie can have while wearing these gloves it feels like you are still using your hands which provides more flexibility and at the same time excellent protection. It helps a goalie to have better control over the stick.

#2. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 unstrung Goalie Head

This is an excellent product by a great company one can say it is merely the best available goalie head in the market. If you are a goalie and looking for a good goalie head then you should go with this product.

#3. STX Shield 500 Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

This is again a great product by STX it is very light weighted but at the same time very protective though it is light weighted it does not restrict the movement of goalie which is very essential for saving the goal.


The best goalie gear varies from person to person as priorities changes for some flexibility and few stiffnesses can be the top priority.

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