The Best 3 Lacrosse Bags & Backpacks

Playing the game of lacrosse generally requires the use of a lot of protective gear along with the sticks. The player has to carry these items from their homes to the sports ground and back again to home after the end of the game.

These items are very heavy and are of various shapes and sizes, which make them very difficult to carry from one place to another.

So, one needs a proper solution for this. As the popularity of the game has been increased the demand for the quality lacrosse bags and bag packs has also increased.

Here are some of the best lacrosse bag and bagpacks that one can easily purchase

#1. STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Bag

It is a lacrosse bag suitable for the boys; it has a separate pocket for the lacrosse stick. It is huge in size and has various options that one can select from. It has plenty of pockets which are very spacious.

#2. STX Essential Women’s Stick Bag

This bag is perfect for girls. It has plenty of space for other gear like google, mouth guards, balls. As well as the lacrosse sticks. It is made up of very durable material, and the zipper is also well built.

#3. STX Lacrosse Side Winder Backpack

This is a bisexual as both boys and girls can use it. It has plenty of room that can fit all the lacrosse gear including the helmet.


As the game of lacrosse involves the various small protective gear so it becomes necessary to keep all this in one place as these can be reached quickly and in no time.

Otherwise, one has to waste a lot of time searching for them. So, the best choice to have a unique bag and backpack for your lacrosse items.

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