Helmet Visor for Lacrosse

Lacrosse Visor can save a player from finger pocking and also it can protect the eyes from any dust or other particle that is suspended in the air that may come in contact with the eyes of the players and obstructs their vision.

These are essential during the men version of the game as for the female version the physical contact is not permissible as per rules.

Some of the best visors that can be purchase from Amazon.com are

#1.Elite Tek Clear Vision Visor

This clear visor has been approved by NFHS for all types of youth and college games. This has also been used for NFL games also. It has a very clear vision and quite durable.

To install this visor into your helmet you will require the following items screw drivers (Philips’s head), brackets with corresponding nuts and screws.

#2. SHOC Lacrosse Helmet Visor

SHOC visor is manufactured by an Australian company SHRC. These visors have been specially developed for lacrosse Helmet. It is very economical and has a large variety of color tints. It helps you to protect your eyes as well as your nose that is more likely to get damaged during the game.

#3. Unique sports clear view lacrosse helmet Eyeshield

This is a perfect gift for any lacrosse lovers. This visor comes with a transparent color, which improves the vision of the player during the game.

They have the exceptional built quality and are very durable they can be used by players of any age group.


Installing a Visor in the helmet can be a challenging job so it is always recommended to get visor clip as this reduces the workload and installing and removing the visor during the game becomes quite easy.

These clips can be used with the visor of other brands. The installation of the visor in the helmet is customizable.

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