Best Lacrosse Heads Available

Whichever position you play you do need a different lacrosse head to improve your performance here is a list of lacrosse heads you can buy in 2020.

Warrior Evo 5 Unstrung Lacrosse Head

It is designed to provide optimum comfort and performance to the players.

It features tilt- tech string hole design to improve pocket’s tension which lets you pass perfect shots.

It comes unstrung which can be a drawback or an advantage, depends on you.

It features bottom rail design which provides mid-low pocket sofa set control on ball and release.

It is lightweight 5.6 Ounces and durable as its features in rail design which eliminates excess weight and provides stiffness.

It provides lacrosse shaft for every position. You can get it from Amazon it is available in 6 colors.

String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Head and Shaft 

It is designed for beginners aged group 10 to 14 years old. As it is designed for kids, you don’t need to do a lot of changes.

It comes with all necessary adjustments so that you can use it directly after unpacking it.

It is lightweight 1.3 Pound and durable that is why it is suitable for the kids it is specially designed to provide optimum performance.

You can get it from Amazon in two color options, you can choose between silver and white.

STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-off Lacrosse Head

It is specially designed for face-off players. 

Its revolutionary throat plug allows the player to pass perfect shots. 

It is equipped with special flex zones so that it can withstand high impacts without getting damaged.

It provides dual sidewall braces for extra stiffness in durability so that you can easily deal with the ground balls without having any severe damage to your lacrosse shaft.

It is extra stiff with maintaining its lightweight 5.6 ounces, it is available on Amazon in white color.

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